Remax Intranet Launch

My RE/MAX Europe is an all-in-one platform designed to bring all their tools and resources together in one place. It is a collaboration platform for RE/MAX Europe with the following features:

  • Powerful communication features
  • Contact anyone across Europe using a complete network/employee directory
  • Communicate/collaborate by Chat, Message or create individual channels just for your team
  • Easy management of all of resources
  • Download ready-to-go resources and in-depth materials
  • Get full access to best practices, guidelines and support
  • Complete access to RE/MAX Europe Academy
  • Unlock the entire range of learning programs
  • Download and manage all of your training certificates – all in one place

We designed, concepted and implemented the Intranet.

Visit the project page


  • PHP, Laravel
  • AWS (S3/SES)
  • Nextcloud